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We're back!
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We're back!
Due to DMCA claims, Altervista (our previous hosting) has suspended us. Sadly I didn't have a recent backup, so I thought it'd be nice to have a refreshed board.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us since our creation in 2013. It has been amazing 4 years and we definitely want another 4 more! Of course thanks to all those members that have never let me down even on the bad times.

Expect improved releases, updated cracks and some surprises we have for you in the near future.

Best regards,

the best

It's a pleasure to see you back in action Smile
Good luck with this new home!

Best Regards,

Nice to see that you are finally starting in a new home! Big Grin

I remember a lot of problems with Altervista in the past...

Good luck LordCoder! Smile

Nice to se you back, I wish the board all the best

Thank you to you for being still there hoping that it will work for a long time

I'm very glad that Team REiS returns again.

Glad to see you back again  Heart Smile

Thank you dear LordCoder and other members of REiS Team for keeping this forum alive .  
Real Legends Never Die .

With Best wishes & Best Regards.

Thumbs Up 
Glad to see REiS Team back.  Big Grin

Best Wish's to continue for M0rE 100 Years....  Wink  

Best Regards. +1

Missing u guys Big Grin

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