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CryptoTab Browser Review - Mine bitcoin and make cash
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CryptoTab Browser Review - Mine bitcoin and make cash
[Image: YL3wuGd.jpg]

There is a new simple method to mine Bitcoin for everyone and it's called CryptoTab Browser. CryptoTab started as a website that paid users to mine bitcoin, with the success of the website they launched addons for browsers and they kept growing. With bitcoin mining requiring a lot of hardware and a lot of software configurations to work CryptoTab came up with a solution. The solution was launch a clean chrome instalation with CryptoTab addon and tweaked for maximum extraction. To take advantage of CryptoTab Browser all the user require is left the browser open or surf using this browser. All the mining is made in the background. No pools, no configs, just your email...

During my tests with CryptoTab Browser i left it mining for 14 consecutives days and made $0.201 cents. That's aproximately $0.01 to $0.02 per day. That's not much but considering that the computer will be turn on during this period with or without mining that's quite an achivement. The minimum withdraw is 0.00001 BTC and i got a much higher amount so i cash out to my crypto wallet.

Download & Install
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