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A new introduction ...
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A new introduction ...
It's weird to be the first to write an introduction Tongue

Hi guys and girls,
I'm an always wannabe reverse engineer [now old, lol Big Grin] with lots of things to learn to become one. I wish to have the time and the skills to contribute a bit to this oldnew community.

Glad you're back in action.

Best Regards,

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Hello tonyweb, you're well-known in the reverser's community! Glad to have you here in our forum!

Best regards,

Thanks a lot LordCoder for your words ... they are appreciated Smile
I don't deserve the VIP title ... but I don't dislike it, of course Tongue

Thanks and Best Regards,

(This post was last modified: 09-10-2017, 02:13 PM by tonyweb.)
Hi tonyweb,

You are a well-known person to me, you helped me more than one time a few years ago once there has been a TSRH team forum.

I still remember you very well brother.

Thank you and team REIS for all your efforts guys.

Best Regards,


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